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  • Lori, junior marketing exec
    Analytics Facile's courses are very detailed and informative. I was a complete beginner but have advanced to using Google Analytics like a pro with the courses from Analytics Facile. They are very easy to follow, yet very powerful and advanced training. I highly recommend take their course if you are just starting to use Google Analytics.
  • Dr. Al-Sahli
    This course that has given me a working understanding of Google Analytics and the core stats that you would need to run a successful online business. It is a very problem-oriented, hands-on course with a non-trivial workload, but in my experience so far, it has been very effective.
    Dr. Al-Sahli
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  • Julia Rogers
    So far I have completed several online courses and this is by far the best I have come across. It has inspired me to want to learn more about analytics. The course uses real world examples of how analytics have been used to gain a competitive edge.
    Julia Rogers
    Momentum Marketing LLC

What you need to know

To develop your business on the internet, you must know the right strategies and use the right tools.

This is where you need to start to take advantage of all your webmarketing actions. You probably have a strategy on the web, Google Analytics is one of the main tools that will enable you to achieve results to match your ambitions .

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This training is a step-by-step action plan and easy to follow. It's 100% videos, and just copy what I show on my screen.

Like any website manager, you dream of an ideal website that brings a continuous stream of customers to your business.

In the end, you know that this website will allow you to fulfill your dreams. But you feel frustrated and you may have already stopped dreaming.

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