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(video training – duration 28:26)

  • The 4 classic mistakes and false beliefs that you need to reduce to dust before doing anything to improve your website.
  • The partial truth regarding the performance measure that makes you miss out on the basics. Even Wikipedia is deceiving you ….
  • The basic model of an effective site (or how to avoid syndromes “gas plants” and “Christmas tree”)
  • The 2 essential ingredients that make up the recipe for a successful site (virtually all websites pass by)
  • The 3 techniques to multiply by 5 the income of a website . When you look at the numbers, you can understand why the 3rd is much more effective and that’s where you have to start.
  • The 3 tips without which you will not be able to use intelligently the analysis tools of your site results.


(video training – duration 18:47)

  • The BAC method and its 3 concrete exercises that will revolutionize the way you approach your website.
  • The question you need to ask yourself first, before you even create your site . If your site is already created, stop! Do not do anything until you have answered.
  • The only person you need to think about when you make your website (the more you think about it, the more you will sell)
  • The calculation you need to master to boost your site . This is a simple division, you can do it even if you math in math.


(video training – duration 17:54)

  • The turnkey strategy to unleash the potential of your website and be among the 5% of those who actually have an effective strategy for their site.
  • The detailed methodology to dissect the “engine” of your website and find all the conversion points to improve on your website.
  • The 3 part diagram to describe step by step your web system and to choose in a pertinent way your next actions to carry out (you need a simple A4 sheet and a 4-color pen to do it).


(video training – duration 10:37)

  • The 3 essential principles to know to correctly install and set up Google Analytics on your site.
  • The 6 advantages and 4 major disadvantages to use Google Analytics . You can make the decision to install it with full knowledge of the facts.
  • The question Google Analytics is going to answer and which one you’ll have to think about on your own (I’m giving you some ways to help you).


(training of 8 videos – total duration 01:18:50)

  • The 8 concise steps to install and set up Google Analytics correctly on your site . You just have to recopy what I do in the videos, I film my screen and show you everything.
  • The default menu to absolutely change if you want your reports to reflect what is really happening. You can understand everything in reverse if you do not select the right criterion.
  • The click-to-click method to get your Google Analytics ID . Without this ID, you can not install Google Analytics on your site.
  • The 3 techniques to install Google Analytics on your site. There are only three . And you will be able to choose the one that suits you best.
  • The action to do once you have installed the code on your site to be able to verify if it was correctly taken into account. Even I who master, I get regular and I take my head while there are 2 buttons to click. (It may save you from getting upset for nothing).
  • The detailed answers to the 2 key questions that panic every time anyone installs Google Analytics for the first time.
  • The optimal way to organize information on your Google Analytics account to ensure that you always have the most relevant statistics
  • Why do not you rejoice right away if you’ve successfully installed Google Analytics on your site.


(video training – duration 15:49)

  • The 4 keywords to master on the fingertips to understand and perfectly use Google Analytics . You will find them everywhere. These are the primary colors of statistics from which you can compose a host of other statistics relevant to your business.
  • The 4 basic questions that Google Analytics can answer . These questions are very logical but it is not always easy to answer them. You’ll see exactly where to look in Google Analytics for answers.
  • Focus on the bounce rate. This extremely important statistic will not pose any problem to you and you will know how to improve it according to the exact context of your website.


(video training – duration 01:02:01)

  • The top 15 Analytics analytics reports that you will use to drive your site and extract value from the tool.
  • The essential indicators common to all sites and how to adapt them to your thematic propore.
  • The 3 ways to read reports from Google Analytics (it’s a shame, we often just use the first one).
  • The simple manipulation (in 3 clicks – a 7 year old child could do it) that will allow you to make relevant reading your statistics by showing you your efforts and your progress in a very clear way .
  • The 2 important information that allow you to identify one or more markets that you probably do not know.
  • The best way to identify your hot prospects : this is very useful if you want to revive your visitors with emails or remarketing.
  • The analysis criterion to know the difficulties of your visitors according to the device from which they connect.
  • The tool for visually understanding (limpidly as rock water) your statistics . You will be able to analyze in a very simple and easy way what may seem unlikely or impossible to see in tables of classic statistics.
  • The 5 techniques to make even more usable information related to acquiring your visitors in order to get very clear ROI of your efforts and actions of acquisitions.
  • The right questions to ask yourself about how your site appears in the results in Google . The few improvements you can identify will radically change the number of users who click on your site.
  • Information to look for to improve the relevance of your Adwords campaigns to decrease your investment.
  • How to identify your “pierced basket” pages and 6 questions to ask you to improve the retention rate of your visitors.
  • The tool to set up to read in the thoughts of your visitors as in an open book. You will know the difficulties of your visitors and their deepest desires.
  • The most important 3-level scheme to grow your website activity (it’s so powerful you’ll even want to apply it in your daily life).
  • The 10 most important performance indicators to integrate into the control panel of your site.
  • LA posture to adopt to find what works for you and improve your results. The more you use it, the faster you progress.


(video training – duration 23:59)

  • The method that will allow you to continuously improve your site and double, triple, increase your results over the coming weeks and months.
  • The most powerful system that exists to make a difference through your website and trigger a virtuous circle for your results.
  • The technique that allows you to know the version that best converts and finds the best balance between all the elements of your site.
  • The 5 software that you can use to test your site , the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and the one I advise you.
  • The possible levers of improvement of your website and how to know where to start.
  • The 5 golden rules to pass your tests . Just by following these 5 rules, you literally transform your way of working.


(video training – duration 31:42)

  • The step-by-step approach to setting up your first test from scratch . You can do it this afternoon so that it turns while you sleep. By following these steps, you will have configured all the software and you will have your first convincing results by the end of the week.
  • How to create a test using Google Analytics : you will see the step-by-step method for everything to work.
  • The best technique to name your test campaigns to avoid mixing brushes.
  • How to change your site into 1minute 38 (chrono in hand) to find out if it’s video or a few lines of text that allows you to sell more to your visitors.